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King Diamond

King Diamond


total playing time - 61:59 1. Louisiana Darkness (Diamond/Dimond) - 1:43 2. "LOA" House (La Rocque/Diamond) - 5:32 3. Life After Death (Diamond/Diamond) - 5:41 4. Voodoo (Diamond/Diamond) - 4:34 5. A Secret (La Rocque/Diamond) - 4:04 6. Salem (Diamond/Diamond) - 5:18 7. One Down Two To Go (Estes-Dimond/Dimond) - 3:45 8. Sending To Dead (Diamond/Diamond) - 5:40 9. Sarah's Night (Diamond/Diamond) - 3:22 10. The Exorcist (La Rocque/Dimond) - 4:53 11. Unclean Spirits (Estes/Diamond) - 1:49 12. Cross Of Baron Samedi (Diamond/Dimond) - 4:30 13. If They Only Knew (Diamond) - 00:32 14. Aftermath (Diamond/Diamond) - 10:32 Produced by: King Diamond, Andy La Roque and Sterling Winfield (C)+(P) 1998 MASSACRE RECORDS

Louisiana Darkness

(Diamond/Diamond) Saturday Sarah Lafayette is sleeping, her husband is awake This summers's night is too hot Feels like his majesty was here Can you hear the voodoo drums They're howling at the moon Voodoo..voodoo..voodoo

"LOA" House

(La Rocque/Diamond) 1932, North of Baton Rouge Louisiana nights are darker than before Along the Mississippi, that is where it is The old colonial house, a mansion of you will Whaite as snow, the mansion still seems to have its slow And when the moon is full and white You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again Jean le Noir, the first to own this house He was a voodoo priest, a Houngan so they say The voodoo cemetery, that is where he is Died at the hand of an evil Bocor's will They say... he's been walking the house ever since that day And when the moon is fool and white You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again * solo Andy-Herb They never should have come, no no no They never should have come to the "LOA" house They never should have come, no no no They never should have come to the "LOA" 7 days ago... the Lafayettes moved in Sarah is with child and Davis is the man This is no Abigail, this child will survive And Grandfather dear, why did they bring him here? White as snow, that is all he sees, oh he's been blind for years * solo Andy They never should have come, no no no They never should have come to the "LOA" house They never should have come, no no no They never should have come to the "LOA" And when the moon is fool and white You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again And again...and again...and again...and again...

Life after Death

(Diamond/Diamond) Friday night Four shadows heading for the dark Four shadows heading for the past Four shadows heading for the graves in the wooded maze Four shadows looking for the place without a trace Midnight and they're here, midnight The old burial ground..is part of the estate Hidden by the heavy trees..where Jean le Noir he sleeps The shadows move There're here to feed the dead..the shadows move Cause there is life after death Be patient and you will see Cause there is life after death Be patient and you will see Oh it must never end..never end..no * solo Herb Midnight and there're here, midnight Doctor le Croix, he's a voodoo sorcerer Madame Sarita, she's got the snake in her And Lula Chevalier, she's girl that no one ever sees Salem the servant, he belongs to the estate The sadows move Ther're here to feed the dead...the shadows move * solo Andy The Lafayettes are unaware..their butler Salem, he is here Voodoo has been his life..Voodoo cuts deep like a knife The sadows move Ther're here to feed the dead...the shadows move Cause there is life after death Be patient and you will see Cause there is life after death Be patient and you will see Oh it must never end..never end Midnight and there're here, midnight Midnight.....Life after death.....


(Diamond/Diamond) Saturday evening A narrow path runs along the river From the burial ground you might see it Leading to a temple of secrets Where they meet once a week...to dance and feast Lula is dancing to the voodoo drums Twisting, turning, round and round She is ready to receive the LOA She is ready for the God This one is Damballah Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo Total emptiness inside As Damballah gets ready for her ride Casting out from Lula's head One of two souls that seems to be dead Traveling deep in a trance Lula's legs are getting weak "The LOA has seized its horse" ...sssssss * solo Dime Lula is not the one that's speaking now Lula is not the one that's lying now Drink, drink girl, drink the chicken's blood Drink, drink girl, drink and feed the God If this is all you think they do, oh you better think again Cause there is so much more to voodoo, oh than meets the eye Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo Human hair on waxen dools, pins through their knees Pins through their little heads, and through their bellics Ahh they're coming to get you, they're coming for you Ahh they're coming to get you, they're coming for you now * solo Andy Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo... Voodoo.....

A Secret

(La Rocque/Diamond) Sunday noon In the "LOA" mansion the Lafayettes are meeting There's a crisis they must resolve Twice since they moved into this house The Voodoo drums have spoken at night The mansion is dark and gloomy place A haunted landscape, a house without grace The Voodoo burial ground is the key Get rid of that and they're free It must remain a secret, or the plan will never work It must remain a secret In comes Salem, he's 6 feet tall and dark He is the new found butler of the "LOA" house They ask him for advice regarding their plan To destroy the cemetery on their land It must remain a secret, or the plan will never work It must remain a secret We must do what must be done * solo Andy If you steal the grave from one who sleeps He will come for you to set him free You must not break the chain Salem: "Jean le Noir's spirit walks this house at night Never will he leave, cause this is where he died Great Wanga will hit you if you do Destroy the cemetery of Voodoo" If you steal the grave from one who sleeps He will come for you to set him free Superstitious we are not


(Diamond/Diamond) Saturday midnight At midnight that same night, the Lafaettes were slipping At midnight that same night, there is a shadow creepeng Salem is moving without a sound Salem is moving...moving, moving to the burial ground So hot and so quiet, only the leaves are shaking By one of the graves, Doctor le Croix is waiting Salem is moving without a sound Salem is moving...moving, moving to the burial ground Doctor le Croix, shaking the hand of Salem "My my my my my God, Salem tell me the secret My my my my my God, this makes me feel uneasy" In shock... Le Croix is terrified, this could be the end Fear turns to hate. "Great Wanga will befall the Lafayettes Salem help me, save us...Salem help me, save us By turning them to dust So take this money and off you go To Madame Sarita's Boutique of Voodoo A snake curse and a little "Goofer Dust" You Salem will be the link between them and us This could be an easy way to turn the Lafayettes to dead" * solo Andy Two hours later. Salem leaves Madame Sarita "My my my my my God, Salem is looking scary My my my my my God, now he's heading for the cemetery * solo Herb Kneeling in front of the graves A handful of soll and Salem is on his way He must leave a copper penny as payment for the soil And to protect himself From all the spirits that could come and dig themselves Into his head... Dead...Dead...Dead...Salem is here By the house, in the dark, there is a shadow digging The snake in the bottle, is buried and it's ready Salem is moving without a sound Everyone's sleeping, but me cause I don't need it.. No

One Down Two To Go

(Estes-Diamond/Diamond) Monday morning The sun has risen, just above the trees The birds are singing, it's just like a dream What a perfect morning it...could have been Salem's in the kitchen, and that's sin Eggs for three and a little tea Mixed with the graveyard dirt...from yesterday * solo Herb Anybody cating Salem's "A la carte" today Should be taken ill and...waste away (Salem thinking to himself:) "You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die Die, both of you...are gonna die Die, die, both of you...are gonna die, die...die" * solo Andy Salem's walking up the stairs to the second floor Silver tray in hand...knocking at the door (Salem thinking to himself:) "You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die Die, both of you...are gonna die Die, die, both of you...are gonna die, die...die" In a fever, sick as Hell David's got a snake bite...and all is well Salem thinks to himself: One down, two to go. "Oh Madame he's got the flu" One down, two to go. "Oh Madame he's got the flu" The problem is that Sarah's morning sick again That pregnant woman, always something wrong You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die Die...Sarah die, Sarah die Die, die...Sarah die, Sarah die

Sending of Dead

(Diamond/Diamond) Monday evening Evening, the sun is setting, silence is all you hear David, getting really sick he is sweating like a pig The fever's got him now And Sarah's father dear, the morning snack has put him on his back He should have stayed in bed..oh why didn't he? ...The sun is setting, silence is all you hear Sarah: "Salem, what's going on?" Salem: "Let me tell you a story Madame, a secret about your land The reason... for all madness Let me tell you a story Madame, the burial ground on your land Ia a secret voodoo stand If you ever destroy this sacred place Legend says that you will die, and never find your rest I'm telling the truth...Oh yes I am If the living can't feed the dead, then the dead will come for you Yeah Sarah: "You better hold your tongue now Salem Cause I don't believe in ghosts" There is only one thing left to do now And that is "Sending of Dead" The four shadows are meeting again At the cemetery gates, darkness is a friend Midnight will soon be here Everything should be ready by now...for "Sending of Dead" * solo Andy Place the image of Saint Expedit Upside down and around I hear Doctor le Croix speaking "Let the ritual begin" "Almight God, father of mine, come for Sarah Lafayette That she may be "Disappeared", forever lost Saint Expedit, you are a saint and I'm a sinner I send you to find...Sarah Lafayette Oh, ride me of her head and rid me of her soul Rid me of all her thoughts, rid me of her memory For this curse to work, Baron Samedi, Samedi, Samedi Send your blessing, so Sarah may be gone" * solo Herb As if he was sent from the sky, Baron Samedi creeps inside The Doctor's body..speaking to Salem Samedi:"You must bring me a sacrifice You must come back before midnight Kneel before my cross"...Salem is here He takes a handful of soil from each grave Of the dead he wants to send..into Sarah Now quick quick run back to the HOUSE The soil must lie where sarah sleeps

Sarah's Night

(Diamond/Diamond) Monday night - Tuesday morning, master bedroom Salem's standing in the dark Watching Sarah's sleeping body Someone is in her bed Twisting, turning in his fever Savid will not even see her I an invisible..I am the one to bring you down I open up my hand, the "Goofer Dust" is falling It's now on Sarah's hand You can almost see the dead, as they enter Sarah's head Then deep into her stomach, I wonder how the baby feels Violently she's sitting up Screams of pain I know she's hurting I only see white in her eyes * solo Andy Sarah speaks in unknown tongue Then she spits a litlle blood Time has come, I must be gone In comes Grandpa, what is he doing I thought I had him not moving But the dead in Sarah's head, will take her to an early grave Salem is gone Grandpa:"Go back to sleep me dear It's just another nightmare Those God damn voodoo drums I will stay in here tonight, and keep an open eye So you can sleep again... Sarah sleep...Sarah sleep...Sarah sleep...

The Exorcist

(La Rocque/Diamond) Tuesday morning At the light of dawn, on a day without Sunshine...Salem had vanished Gone, would Sarah, would she survive Grandpa was panicking Father Malone. The Exorcist...Father Malone. The Exorcist Sarah's voice had changed from female to Male...and that was wrong, it was as if Sarah Had gone. Grandpa remembered his friend Father Malone was the name * solo Andy Grandpa: "Put me through to New Orleans The Abbey of the Holy Saints Father Malone please... It's urgent You got to, you got to, you got to put me through" It only took a minute or two, before the Father he understood Father Malone: "Listen here my friend, do not despair I will be there...this afternoon But beware...of the Daytime Moon" * solo Herb Father Malone. The Exorcist...Father Malone, he is here Father Malone: "Holy Cross and Bible Holy Water for the soul And so the house I bless, but David, he's got to Go, call for an ambulance before the others know" Then he went back to Sarah's room * solo Andy

Unclean Spirits

(Estes/Diamond) Tuesday early evening Father Malone: "Holy Lord, Almighty Father Everylasting God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who sent your only begotten son into the world To crush that lion Strike terror Lord, into the Beast Let your mighty hand cast him out of your servant Sarah Lafayette So he may no longer hold captive this prisoner I cast you, you unclean spirit In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ It is he who commands you It is God himself who commands you By this sign of Holy Cross Give way to Christ The power of Christ compells you The power of Christ compells you The power.....the power.....

Cross of Baron Samedi

(Diamond/Diamond) Tuesday evening One single hour, is like a working day Father Malone is getting tired Darkness...has come again The Demons seem to be resting Sarah is looking just like Hell There ain't much left of her to save now Meanwhile in Salem's quarters There's shadow that moves Into a room full of secrets of life Into a room only few have survived There is a cross upon the wall The cross of Baron Samedi The shadow is taking the cross away The shadow is Lula, the girl that no one ever sees I see her shadow with that cross mine I see her shadow slipping into the night The cross of Baron Samedi will set us free The cross of Baron Samedi, just wait and see * solo Herb The cross of Baron Samedi is full of nails The cross of Baron Samedi could split your head Take it to Sarah... Take it to Sarah... Sarah Darkness..she's up again Sarah is standing in front of Father Malone Sleeping..the Father's on a chair Sarah is saying: "Father, I'm about to sin" Then one to the Father's head The cross is coming down so hard Screaming, bleeding, Malone goes down Again and...again and...his blood is all around * solo Andy In comes Grandpa: "Stop it Sarah stop" I don't know why, but Sarah dropped the cross Two hours later everyone was here Police and ambulance, wiping up the tears * solo Herb Samedi...Samedi...Samedi

If They Only Knew

(Diamond) Thuesday night - Monday morning I heard a policeman say to Grandpa: "There once was a Salem, the caretaker of the "LOA" house But he died years ago. As a matter of fact, he's buried right here on your land." If they only knew.


(Diamond/Diamond) The "LOA" house and the old voodoo burial ground Are still standing in all their glory. The Lafayetes left the hospital and Louisiana And went to...I don't care. Malone survived. He's a scared old man now. By the way, my name is Salem. You cannot say, that everybody's happy. But you can say, that everybody is now safe from each other. At least I sought so, until a few days ago When I heard of some mother By the name of Sarah Lafayette Who's newborn baby was speaking in the strangest tongue Backwards. A miracle? Some expert had uttered the word: VOODOO Keep your ... King Diamond are: King Diamond - all vocals,keyboards,hapsichord,guitar(4) Andy LaRocque - guitar Herb Simonsen - guitar Chris Estes - bass ? ? - drums Produced by: King Diamond, Andy La Rocque and Sterling Winfield Engineered by: Strling Winfield 2nd engineer: Kol Marshall Mixed by: King Diamond & Sterling Winfield Mix assistant: Chirs Estes Digital editing By: Kol Marshall, Sterling Winfield and King Diamond Recorded at Norman Recording Studio Dallas,Texas,USA Mastered by King Diamond at Nomad Recording Studio Additional Recordings made at Los Angered Recording Gothenburg Sweden. Andy LaRocque uses B.C. Rich guitars exclusively! Andy LaRocque photo by Peter Bladskog John Luke Herbert photo by Ray Landry Chis Estes and Herb Simonsen photos by Donna Lynch Published by Deadtime Music.ASCAP

King Diamond

From: Alex Tutch (stgunholy@mail.ru)


THE CANDLE (Diamond) 6.38

>From "The book of Jonah" "7 years have gone,it can no longer be left undone The candle must burn again, And pain Must follow the unholy flame So burn...burn...burn And free the spirit from its chain" Here I am blinded again by that flame In every candle that I burn,burn! I see that same face return,it returns Eyes in pain,my little queen Are you a dream In every candle that I burn,burn! I see that same face return,it returns Time has come for you to tell The truth,what shall I do Tears are running from her eyes If she could only tell why, Now tell me why The Jonah...the Jonah In twisted key she speakes A word to me and then I see Her face falling apart The word "Jonah" is her mark, She's branded THE JONAH (Diamond) 5.15 "After the 7 years on a dusty self The book seemed unreal For 7 years in a ancient rhyme The faith of a girl was sealed" In the attic I was seaching by the moonlight What would I find Old and grey from dust I felt It staring back Oh that book Yellow pages caught my eyes, So unreal Through the dust of time In a ancient rhyme the truth Had been sealed On a broken self it would all Be revealed It had been there for years And no one ever knew Now break the spell and free the girl >From the candle of fate Look at the flame and say the rhyme The end is near,no more pain, Ah you are free As the candle melts away The spirit of the candle Girl emerges from the flame, She doesn't seem the same With the smile on her face seh starts speak "Here my story". THE PORTRAIT (Diamond) 5.06 The spirit of the candle: "My mother was obsessed by evil jealousy She didn't want nobody to even look at Molly She kepet me locked up in this attic 'till I died Only 4 years old,my story left untold" Oh Molly..Oh Molly "Mother was struk by this infallible idea If she could paint my portrait I would remain immortal And I could hang downstairs Above the fireplace A little girl in lace,not a single Trace of crime" "Each day and night she worked and autumn turned to spring For every stroke she painted a little life was ended At last I felt so weak I could not even speak But in that fatal portrait my spirit come to life again" Oh Molly "That night I made the portrait Speak in evil tongue: You're gonna go beyond too, May pain and death bestow you She grabbed the book and spoke Aloud an ancient rhyme While she burned the portrait In the candle of fate" Oh Molly "I've gotta see Ma" DRESSED IN WHITE (Diamond) 3.09 She's wearing white again but Colours always betray Don't look into her eyes, There's an evil darkness inside You might see her but she is not here Leave her alone don't get it near And touch and you'll disappear What a scream you'll never hear She carries a secret And where she must go... You'll never know Seaching but not for a home A restless soul all on its own Always dressed in white As she passes on through the night REFRAIN CHARON (Diamond/Denner) 4.14 Welcome my friend,my name is Charon Please take my hand,I know the secret land Don't be afraid...Oh no I'm faceless but don't fear now I'll take you safe across the river Styx Waste no time,soon the night Will break away That boy can wait,there's Only room for one REFRAIN I am your death We must leave now,my boat is waiting On the other shore in the land of the dead REFRAIN LURKING IN THE DARK (Diamond) 3.33 When nightfall comes around And the light of the day is done The dark closes in as the last candle burns out It's time to send off your mind on a trip Into the land of dreams and mist Is something wrong They are lurking in the dark Heavy breathing but nobody's there If that's what you think you'd better beware REFRAIN Watching you How does it feel to be alone in the dark How do you know they won't do any harm They can see you but you're oh so blind Maybe it only appears in your mind REFRAIN You'll see ...

HALLOWEEN (Diamond/Denner) 4.12

Oh it's halloween Every night to me is halloween Like an ancient scene You know just what I mean HALLOWEEN you are my pride HALLOWEEN not just a dream The moon is full,another Perfect day has begun Like a Deamon's eye,that Devil's eye Will we ever die Every night will be another evil scene Like in horror dreams I want I command you to scream Halloween... Halloween...

HAUNTED(Diamond/Denner) 3.54

Stay away,Molly's soul keeps returning Every night to the attic shirne Never alone,living dolls out of nowhere Crying out:"Mummy why" The house is forever haunted Nothing you can do Molly is livig there with her dolls And they are alive...Wait and see Stay away, Mrs.Jane,Molly's mother Slowly went Insane "Mommy...Mommy"


Produced by KING DIAMOND and Rune Hoyer. Assistant Producer Michael Denner. Engineered by Roberto Falco. Recorded and mixed at Sound Track Studio, Copenhagen July-August`85

* ABIGAIL (1987) *

(All texts and music written by King Diamond)

FUNERAL (1.29)

"We are gathered here tonigiht, To lay to rest Abigail La Fey, Whom we no know Was born dead On The 7th Day of July 1777 Abigail must be nailed to her coffin With 7 silver spikes, One through each arm,hand and knee And the last of the 7 be drawn trough her month, So that she may never rise and cause evil again." "Who will be the first ?" "I O'Brian of the Black Horsemen." ARRIVAL (5.26)


Through the summer rain of 1845 The coach had finally arrived To the valley where the crossroads meet below And where all darkness seems to grow People blame it on the Hill The hill where no one dares to go... The Mansion The coach had stopped and from the window You could see 7 Horseman in the night Miriam Natias and Jonathan La Fey Saw the magic in their eyes They were in for surprise The darkness would soon be complete A horseman came forth from the dark "We know You've come to inherit What's yours...the Mansion Take our advise and go back on this night If you refuse 18 will become 9.. Oh no... Oh,18 is 9" Jonathan laughed and said "Get out of my way" "I don't belive a word you say" The 7 horsemen disapeared into the night And said "Someday You'll need our help,my friend" I think poor Jonathan was scared 18 is actually 9...it stuck in his mind A MANSION IN DARKNESS (4.33) Riding up the alley in the rain No lights to show the way How could this ever be their home Through the darkness you could only see A giant shadow which was to be A house where evil ruled at night And the shadows at the gate,they seemed to be alive Yeah the shadows at the gate,alive Everything inside was left untouched Except for what the rats have got And the dust of time that showed its mark Armed with candlelight and open eyes Through the dark they fought their way Till every room was lit again... Again And the house begun to breathe,it seemed to be alive Yeah the house begun to breathe,alive As the candlelight begun to fade And Jonathan said "Let's go to bad" The fireplace had ceased to burn,burn Both were fast asleep before the dawn Dreaming...dreaming And they didn't know about the shadow Yeah the shadow on the wall,it really came alive Yeah the shadow on the wall,



The darkness came closer to home On the following night And Miram slept like a rock when Jonathan's went white The badroom was ice cold But the fire was burning still The blinding light The Family Ghost had risen again The ghost "Don't be scared,Don' be scared now My friend I am Count de La Fey Let me take you to the crypt down below Where Abigail rests" "Let Miram sleep She never would understand Now come let us go...it's time to know" "Beware of the slippery stairs You could easily fall and break your neck Hand me torch and I will lead the way To the secret in the dark (2 times) Take a look into the vault,the Vault The sarcophagus...of a child Abigail has been here for years and years Stillborn" Born...born...born "The spirit of Abigail is inside your wife And there is one way you can stop the Rebirthof evil itself You must take her wife now"

THE 7TH DAY OF JULY 1777 4.51

Count de La Fey uncovered his cheating wife 9 month of loving and sharing Oh it was a bastard child How could he have been so blind No bastard baby Will inherit what's mine Another one of her affairs Had left him despair So he pushed her down the stairs To die.. "NO!!!" she cried In 1777,on the 7th Day of July The Countness broke her neck and The embryo came out dead Then he burned his beloved Wife And the embrio he gave the name "Abigail,You must rest in shame" Rest in shame... Obsessed with a strange idea He wanted to mummify The girl for the future to find...and he did OMENS (3.56) Nobody's inside the church but the bell is ringing For no reason the flowers are dying Oh,Deadly Omens Oh,Deadly Omens Inside the mansion the air is unbearable, A rotten smell In the dinning the table is set for 3 "Miram come here and see what I've found It's moving And the empty cradle cwayng in the air I did not bring it here,now did you ?" "No No No"


On the very next morning When the mist was eaten way by the sun Miram grew hour by hour and Jonathan he cried He knew the ghost had been telling the truth So this was 9 The pregnancy would not last overnight Oh she started singing A lullaby,rocking the cradle again And then she said "I'm having your baby my love...love" But it wasn't love Oh no She was possessed...and he knew "I will get what it rightfully mine" Speaking with different tongues Miram was eaten alive from the inside again she said "I'm having your baby my love...love" But it wasn't love Oh no She was possessed...possessed


"Abigail,I know You're in control of her brain,Abigail And I know that You're the one that's Speaking through her,Abigail Miram,can you hear me ?" "I am alive inside your wife Miram's dead I am her head..." "Abigail don't you think I know what You've done,Abigail I'll get a priest,he will know How to get her soul back" "Oh Jonathan,this is Miram our time is out Remember the stairs,it's the only way" "Abigail,nothing I can do but give in,Abigail Follow me to the crypt Abigail,You ought to be reborn where you died,Abigail" "Jonathan,I agree ...Yes I do" "I am alive inside your wife Miram's dead I am her head... Soon I'll be free!!!" BLACK HORSEMEN (7.39) So there they stood at the top of the stairs Miriam in the mood,Jonathan was scared Gazing into the dark,Jonathan saw the star For a second he turned his back And she was there like a ghost She pushed him hard and clean To the bottom of the stairs "Now we finally alone,Miriam Abigail is here to stay" The birth of Abigail would soon be realized The second coming of a devil in disguise And the moon did not shine It was darker than ever before On this scared night The soul of Miriam was crying out in pain Remembering the day,arrivial in rain The pain of labour was so strong that Miriam died The final seenig was a pair of yellow eyes You can still hear her screaming If You're walking the stairs in July Riding from beyond The seven horsemen would arrive before the dawn Servants of the count when Abigail was born the first time Oh no...they found her in the sarcophagus Baby Abigail was eating,Oh I cannot tell You "Take her...and bring her To the chapel in the forest So Go now...The ceremony And the coffin's waiting The black horsemen" THAT'S THE END OF ANOTHER LULLABY TIME HAS COME FOR ME TO SAY GOODNIGHT !!!

* THEM (1988) *


Look, the old bitch is back - yeah, finally we'll get some company again the attic room has been locked up for far too long - just like the old bitch herself - she's on time though - why that silly wheelchair? Oh she's pretending as always - but she does make a good cup of tea. "Oh My God she's here. Missy, listen to what Mother says: Now You be good to Grandma; and remember she's been away on a long vacation. That goes for You too King. And stop playing that thing. Answer the door"


Grandma' welcome home... You have been gone for far too long Is this a dream, are You really back? Let me help You out of the chair... Grandma' Let me touch You, let me feel... Ahhh Grandma' take a look What do You think of the house and the silvery moon? We are going to repaint the front door soon Let me help You out of the chair... Grandma' Let me touch You, let me feel... Ahhh Wait till You see Your room up in the attic Prepared just like You said, without a bed You will find Your rocking chair and the tea pot that Missy found Let me help You out of the chair... Grandma' There is someone waiting for You, now come along Missy and Mother, they are dying to meet You How strange... she's spoken no word... I wonder Grandma'! Are You all right? Grandma' what was it like to be on that holiday site "Oh it could have been worse but with "THEM" by my side In the twilight "THEY" sang all the old lullabies" Grandma' who are "THEY"... "never mind You dirty little brat" "Let us go inside, something's on "THEIR" mind "THEY" are still alive, can You feel "THEIR" eyes Can You feel "THEIR" eyes? Now that You are stuck with me You better be my friend.


Late that night I awoke from My sleep Hearing unknown voices laughing insane Grandma' was one, Oh it's coming from the room next to mine It's Grandma' room... the invisible guests As I stood there alone in the dark Peeking through the keyhole, couldn't believe My eyes I'd never seen anything like it, only Grandma' was inside the room Speaking to no one... the invisible guests Cups were rising in thin air and then emptied on the floor Suddenly the door was open and Grandma' said "Do come in My little friend" Missy and Mother were sleeping downstairs If they could see me in Grandmother's chair Grandmother said "look Me deep in the eyes You will forget what You saw here tonight" "I will let You in on the secret of this house The secret of Amon... that's what we call this house Now I want you to go back to sleep, now go back to sleep My dear" The invisible guests Cups were rising in thin air and then emptied on the floor Suddenly the door was open and Grandma' said "Now you must go back to sleep" "Go to sleep"... "Go to sleep"... "Go to sleep"... Missy and Mother were sleeping downstairs If they could see me in Grandmother's chair


On the following friday as I turned out the light Grandma' came and knocked at My door "Wake up King, wake up My dear I am gonna show You about the house of Amon" It is time for tea, it is time again "Even Your mother is present We made her sleep in My rocking chair" At first I felt really scared but there was no reason to As I saw the knife sneaking out from Grandmother's dress Then it cut a tiny wound in My mother's little hand It is time for tea, it is time again Blood was running into the tea pot, then I heard "THEM" laugh "A bit of this in a cup of tea, is what it takes to set "THEM" free You will hear "THEM" telling stories from far beyond this earth" What I saw and what I heard made me want to stay and learn I really hope this dream will never end, it's hard to describe the kind of feeling that went on in My mind A paradise Hearing "THEIR" stories and feeling "THEIR" warmth We laughed with tears in our eyes >From the first cup of tea, to the last drop of blood Nothing seemed to matter at all anymore My Mother? She didn't exist to me, Oh I felt so heavenly It is time for tea, it is time again MOTHER'S GETTING WEAKER Tonight would be the last night that we had our tea That bloody tea, which sent us into ecstasy Yesterday Mother complained, feeling dizzy, all in pain Mother's getting weaker, looking paler day by day As morning came, she could not make it out of bed And Grandma's spell was getting straight into her head Not a single word, she didn't seem to be alive Getting weaker, looking paler day by day Then Missy came in and she led me by the hand I didn't want to go, Oh but I should have known Mother was barely conscious, why should I care Just looking forward to the next ordeal I think I heard My sister begging me to stay She gave me the phone, so I could call someone for help I simply let go of her hand, then I cut the wire Missy was crying as I left them both behind And Mother's getting weaker, Missy shouted at My back "I hate You"


Tea time Monday night, I was waiting passing time Then from the hallway, I saw Mother in her nightgown Swaying up the stairs, up the stairs, it seemed so unreal I knew Grandma' had sent "THEM" again, the invisible friends A little later in the middle of tea we came close to ecstasy "THEY" were telling tales from beyond when Grandma' rose She opened the door, and there was Missy Seeing Mother in Grandmother's chair, she went into tears Missy was screaming "What have You done, what have you done to My Ma", crying louder now "We better get rid of her, She's too young anyway", it was Grandma' who spoke "Bye, bye Missy, be gone forever The beautiful fireplace in the kitchen will do" I saw Missy struggling in Grandma' wrinkled hands "Oh No, let me be, Oh No Please No Grandma' Please Aagh Grandma' You're hurting me. Don't touch me or I'll break it, I've got the tea pot, I'll do it anyway" I saw liquid spreading, the bloody tea all over the floor Now I heard "THEIR" voices, some kind of demon growls DIE - SHE BROKE AMON - AMON - DIE "THEY" dropped "THEIR" tea cups, Grandma' stood still forced by invisible hands, Missy went down the stairs As I waved her goodbye, Missy was sobbing away Will I ever see her again, Bye bye Missy, don't be afraid


I stumbled out of Grandma's room, down the stairs and out of the house Once outside I felt My mind begin to fight a battle for control With the tea pot broken I kind of realized That "THEIR" power was less here, here on the outside I fell to my knees in haziness And I looked in through the window to the cellar Things were moving down there, "THEY" were searching for something And "THEY" really found it, the big axe was flying Flying out through the cellar door Up the stairs to the kitchen... Then I passed out The next thing I remember seeing was the smoke coming from the chimney I soon realized the smoke I saw was actually... Oh No! All there was left of Missy and her dress, poor little girl The spell was broken, I really felt the change As my mind and body became one again The moon was alive with its silvery eye Staring right into My evil heart I went back to see if My Grandma' was still there Waiting for me in the attic... Oh I hate that bitch


I kind of knew that she would be waiting for me in her room With a sick smile she told me not to be a fool Her eyes went hard, staring right into My brain But I convinced her that I was feeling real fine Oh, I was lying... seeing the look in her eyes Clearing My mind was important She believed everything I said And then she asked me if I would help to bring her outside Oh, I was lucky... "let us stay for a while" she said "Bathing ourselves in the moonlight" So there she was, unprotected by "THEM" I grabbed her cane, and tore it out of her hand "No way, You're not going to escape" "Now that I've got You... here You will pay for Your deeds Your sick mind has come to an end now" "Stop it" Nowhere to hide, Grandma' had died Alone in the night And "THEY" were waiting for me waiting inside Hoping that I would come back in But I just ran away Into the woods, as far as I could I saw "THEIR" eyes And then I fainted again, going insane Dreaming that I was one of "THEM"... I hear "THEIR" voices all the time


Acoustic Guitar: Andy la Rocque


Morning came and so did they, flying questions from the police I'm waiting here in an ambulance for Dr. Landau To return and tell me why they're taking me so far away "I did what I did and I'm glad I did, 'cos I could have been the... I could have been the next in line" Nobody found a trace of Missy I'd be the last to tell them anyway How could I ever ever explain Now I hear "THEM" again, singing Twilight symphony, twilight I hear "THEM" again, singing Twilight symphony, twilight Grandma' was dead with an open neck Blood still running from My open mouth I knew they would blame it, they would blame it all on me How could I ever ever explain Now I hear "THEM" again, singing Twilight symphony, twilight I hear "THEM" again, singing Twilight symphony, twilight Dr. Landau returned, and I told him the story "Are You mad or just insane?" I tried anyway "You can take him away now, the boy has lost his mind" Oh no no I haven't seen My Mother since they took me away And Dr. Landau wouldn't tell me He wouldn't tell me anything Oh I'm back on the outside Time has caught up with me, and I must leave for the old house Yes I must leave now Grandma'... I'm coming I'm coming home now I'm coming home now


"Grandma'?" "I knew it was You at the door, I saw You from the window. Now come inside My dear. It's good to see You again, despite what You did to MY throat. "THEY" are waiting upstairs. Come. Missy is there too. She's sitting on Grandpa's lap. I bet You're dying for a cup of tea." To whom it may concern. I am scared to death. 9 years ago they finally let me out, and I was just beginning to feel better. I am not Myself any longer. I guess You could not even recognize My face if You saw Me now. That phone call 2 hours ago has torn Me apart. It was Grandma. She invited Me back to the old house. I do not want to go back, but I must. Maybe You will understand My fear if I tell You what happened during My childhood. 18 years ago I was living with My mother and My sister Missy in Grandma's old house. I had been told that Grandma was away on a long vacation, and that she would soon return. She did. I have later found out that she was actually being released from that same asylum. "She's insane", they said, when she kept on babbling about "THEM". I still cannot make up My mind about who really did separate Grandpa's head from his shoulders. You see, "THEY" were always so nice to Me. Anyway, time is short and I must leave for the old house. So here is what happened 18 years ago. And in case we never see each other again, at least You will know why. I bet we are going to have tea. K.D. 3-12-87

* CONSPIRACY(1989) *

The album "CONSPIRACY" is a continuation of the story told on the album "THEM". Once back inside the old house "AMON", King watched his Grandmother vanish by the words: "I bet You're dying for a cup of tea." Not a trace did she leave behind. Nobody was to be found upstairs either. The cellar was empty. The entire house was empty. Only memories of long gone friends were buried on the thick dust that now covered the house. It had been 18 years since King was last in this house, waiting in his Mother's bedroom, to be taken away by Dr. Landau and the police. He spent 9 years in an asylum trying to get his mind back to normal, under the supervision of Dr. Landau. Then, finally released, he spent another 9 years in absolute solitude at a place unknown to us (lie). During this time, he never saw his Mother. Now, 2 weeks have passed since King returned to the old house, wich is actually his according to his Grandmother's will, and we think it is time for him to contact us again.


(Music by King Diamond) Missy I miss You so. Oh little Sister I wish You'd come back to Me and sit by My side We'd laugh and we'd play again, if only You'll try You know "THEY" would show the way >From the other side Rise from Your grave little Sister Rise...Rise...Rise My friends...Rise Spirits rising from their grave Burning shadows in the dead of night Icy fingers all over My hand Try to make Me understand "Finally we have returned...All of us" Missy is that You, come closer Spirits rising from their grave Everywhere that ghostly stare Icy fingers all over My hand Lead me back to where she stands "THEY" are back to share My life..."THEY" are back Missy come, come with Me, there are things I must know How did you get here, where's the door to the other side Missy: "Beyond the graves lies the gate the gate that leads to the dead We have to leave before the dawn if not by the sun we will burn" Spirits rising from their grave soon the dawn will chase the dark away Icy fingers all over My hand Lead Me back to where "THEY" stand Am I glad You have returned...All of you # Do You remember when Grandmother said she heard "THEM" sing I've heard "THEM" too and I really wish I could hear "THEM" again Missy: "In Your mind You'll hear "THEM" sing every night at the graves we have to leave before the dawn if not by the sun we will burn now sing" Show Your powers onto Me...


(Music by Andy LaRocque) I cannot sleep at night That's what the day is for anyway And as the clock strikes midnight I hear "THEM" dancing at the graves singing to My mind killing the pain...sleepless nights...sleepless nights I cannot sleep at night That's what the day is for anyway And as the clock strikes midnight only "THEY" can let us meet even though she's dead now I gotta see her again...sleepless nights...sleepless nights I cannot sleep at night I will do anything to see Missy again "Then let us make You an eternal deal You will attend to the graves You'll give us the house back and keep in mind that we only come here at night". So we made the deal under the starry night and "AMON" belongs to "THEM" now... I feel the dawn coming My way And as the sun breaks up the dark I can't hear "THEM" dance no more There's no voices killing the pain...pain...pain


(Music by Kind Diamond) Yesterday I spent an hour A full hour in therapy My favourite Doctor Landau My God I hate his breath He asked me questions That kind of fool deserves a lie I gave him answers The kind of answers Doctor like Yes, I gave him a bunch of lies I told him all My nightmares Were dead and gone "These days I sleep like a baby and there never ever was a "THEM" He asked me questions That kind of fool deserves a lie I gave him answers The kind of answers Doctors like The Doctor looked at My eyes Landau: "No trace of insanity maybe the time is right now to have a visit from the family I'm thinking of Your Mother what does My little patient say?" I should have taken his stethoscope and then forced it down his throat My Mother was at stake So I behaved That night I cleaned the entire house For everything but the memories No dust, no tea, ah stupid me I even took the axe away The sun is up and it's time for bed I'm so tired I can't wait no more


(Music by Andy LaRocque) It must be summer the sky is clear The garden is so beautiful All the flowers and all the trees Make Me feel like they're inside of Me I'm holding My sister's hand While we're playing in the sand It's all but a dream My bed is moving, I cannot see a thing I am in total darkness, someone is calling I can feel the chill, it's all around Me I know it's not a dream, No no no Someone is in My room Standing at the end of My bed Must be a visit from the dead Must be a visit from the dead Now I see her figure, it's just a little child And there's no reflection, she's in the mirror Could it really be, has she returned? My little sister "King beware...something bad is coming Your way... King beware" Must be a visit from the dead Must be a visit from the dead Missy will You tell Me You know we don't have no secrets "Just beware" Must be a visit from the dead Must be a visit from the dead You've to to tell Me Missy Come on now, spit out little girl "I will send You a dream..."


(Music by King Diamond) My Mother is entering My dream now She's wearing a wedding dress Something's wrong with the way she walks the aisle I think it's her legs Suddenly there is someone else beside her That man I recognize The Doctor intends to marry Mother It's got to b

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