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The Linux Documentation Project Homepage

The Linux Documentation Project Homepage

Original of this document is here
Linux Documentation Project

[ General Information | Linux Documentation Project and HOWTOs ]
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Last Modified on 5 February, 1997

New Links:

NEW! [2/3/97] -- LessTif, a source compatible version of OSF/Motif.

NEW! [2/3/97] -- The Linux FORTRAN Page, all about FORTRAN tools for Linux.

NEW! [2/3/97] -- IncView, a new and improving way to view sunsite.unc.edu's Linux Incoming directory.

NEW! [1/30/97] -- Reptile's Linux Security Page.

NEW! [1/30/97] -- The Linux Forum, aimed at new and intermediate Linux users.

NEW! [1/30/97] -- Linux NOW!, contains vast amounts of Linux resources.

NEW! [1/30/97] -- The Mnemonic, a new WWW browser project.

NEW! [1/30/97] -- A guide to terminals and keymappings.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- The LuCAS Project, providing translations of Linux documents into Spanish.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- More Powered by Linux images.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- Software to help update your Linux box to recent 2.0.x/2.1.x kernels is available in English and French.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- Que is offering HTML versions of their books online. For example, Running a Perfect Internet Site with Linux is available.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- Linux: de PC als Unix-workstation is a Dutch book on Linux, and can be accessed online.

NEW! [1/29/97] -- IBM Webbin' CMIP Technology (Liaison), a research project at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory aimed to simplify the acces s to network management information and resources has been released for Linux.

NEW! [1/27/97] -- Berlin, a windowing and graphics API for Intel-based Linux systems under development from the Berlin Consortium.

NEW! [1/27/97] -- The Linux Newsletter, free from WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. If you wish to subscribe to this newsletter, send email with "subscribe" in the subject line or body of the message. If you wish to unsubscribe, send email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line or body of the message to wgsnews@wgs.com. There is no charge either way.

NEW! [1/27/97] -- Information about Linux in Turkish.

NEW! [1/16/97] -- A site about Linux is Business, such as mission-critical applications, industry and government.

NEW! [1/16/97] -- A great page about Window Managers that run under X Windows. Contains icons, resource setting and information on what different window managers there are available.

NEW! [1/16/97] -- The Hermes Linux Production Cluster, a high performance Linux cluster for physics experiments.

NEW! [1/15/97] -- A lot of information about Linux in Japanese.

NEW! [1/15/97] -- A guide to Building a Linux Based Internet Server For Your School.

NEW! [1/15/97] -- Supported Hardware lists: the Hardware-HOWTO, Slackware 96 Supported Hardware List, and the Red Hat 4.0 Hardware Compatibility List.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- Links to information in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- A very good hardware search engine that you can use to find information on hardware manufacturers.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- The Linux News Agency sends out Linux news using the NewsWire browser (which is also free for Linux users).

NEW! [1/14/97] -- An archive search that searches sunsite.unc.edu, tsx-11.mit.edu, and ftp.funet.fi.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- Information on Parallel Computing Using Linux.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- A very resourceful Scientific Applications on Linux page.

NEW! [1/14/97] -- The Unofficial Linux Operating System Advertising Campaign has some really nice Linux images.

Upcoming Linux and Related Events:

Important: There are many LDP mirrors around the world, please use one near you.

WWW Site Admins: You can now mirror the LDP WWW pages via FTP. Configure your FTP mirroring software to download the tree sunsite.unc.edu:LDP, login linuxdoc, password linuxdoc. I recommend the mirror package.

Suggestions welcome! Email gregh@sunsite.unc.edu with comments and ideas, or use the feedback form.

General Linux Information

o Linux Frequently Asked Questions, which contains answers to many common questions about Linux.

o The Linux INFO-SHEET, a technical overview of Linux system features.

o The Linux META-FAQ, a listing of Linux sources of information, such as FTP sites, available documents, and so on.

o A list of Linux Usenet Newsgroups, and the comp.os.linux.announce archive site.

o Links to Linux Users Groups around the world.

o A list of Linux Mailing Lists, with an interface to subscribe and unsubscribe. There are also Hypermail list archives for some of the lists, and Hypermail archives of linux-alert and linux-security.

Linux Documentation Project

Here is the Linux Documentation Project Manifesto and Copyright License for LDP works.

  • LDP Guides:
    • Installation and Getting Started Guide, version 2.2.2 by Matt Welsh,
      is available in HTML, plain text, DVI and PostScript.

    • The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide, version 0.7 by Michael K. Johnson
      is available in HTML only.

      This manual is a guide to the Linux kernel, ranging from concepts to development. If you're interested in writing a device driver, or just general kernel hacking, this is the book for you.

    • The Linux Network Administrators' Guide, version 1.0 by Olaf Kirch,
      is available in HTML, plain text, DVI, and PostScript.

      This guide supplements the System Administrators' Guide and cover all of the diverse issues of networking under Linux, from UUCP to serial connections to TCP/IP. Many Linux users won't have access to such a network, so this information is in a separate manual. It contains an intro to TCP/IP and UUCP (for those who have never used such networks before, lots of background information), TCP/IP, UUCP, SLIP, and DNS configuration, configuration of mail systems such as sendmail and Smail, setting up NNTP and news, and NFS.

    • The Linux Programmer's Guide, version 0.4 by B. Scott Burkett, Sven Goldt, John D. Harper, Sven van der Meer and Matt Welsh, is available in HTML via HTTP or via FTP and in PostScript. Also visit the Linux Programmer's Guide Homepage.

    • The Linux System Administrators' Guide, version 0.4 by Lars Wirzenius,
      is available in DVI and PostScript. Also visit the System Administrators' Guide Homepage.

      This is the third book in the main LDP series, and assumes knowledge of everything in the Installation and Users' Guides. It will cover all of the aspects of keeping the system running, handling user accounts, backups, configuration of the system, installing and upgrading software, and more. Whereas some of this information is in the Installation Guide (just to get the system off the ground) this book should be much more complete.

    • The Linux Users' Guide, version beta-1 by Larry Greenfield,
      is available in DVI and PostScript.

      This book covers all of the user-end aspects of Linux, from sitting down at the first login session to using complex tools such as gcc, emacs, and so on. It assumes no previous Unix experience, so not only will it serve as an introduction to Linux, but to Unix in general as well. This manual won't cover system administrator tasks (i.e. anything that needs to be done as root) - it's for the J. Random User who has a working Linux system sitting in front of them.

    You can purchase printed books from vendors such as Red Hat Software, and Yggdrasil Computing which are listed under Commercial Products.

  • Linux HOWTOs:
    Also available are the Linux HOWTO and mini-HOWTO documents , which are detailed documents on specific subjects.

    You can also get the HOWTOs in: plain text, PostScript, DVI, and HTML (tared and gziped). The mini-HOWTOs are only available in plain text.

    The entire HOWTO collection is available (tared and gziped), along with the mini-HOWTO collection (tared and gziped) in plain text format.

  • Linux man Pages:
    The latest Linux man Pages for sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 are available here (with some translations), or check out Andries E. Brouwer's page for the latest information. Section 1 and 8 man pages (i.e., user commands) are available with the corresponding software packages.

    You can search the man pages (fully cross-referenced!), too.

  • Linux FAQs:
    Various FAQs on Linux topics can also be found, including the Linux FAQ.

  • Linux Gazette: UPDATED! [2/3/97] -- The Linux Gazette issue 14, an online magazine providing many Linux tips and tricks. You can also get the latest issue and back issues of the Linux Gazette via FTP.
You can search the LDP books and HOWTOs with the Harvest system.

Development Projects

The following links point to Linux-related development projects. This does not include commercial software development, which is listed under Commercial Products. The Linux Projects Map also lists ongoing Linux development projects.

Linux Links

The following links point to other pages with Linux information.

[ General Information | Linux Documentation Project and HOWTOs ]
[ Development Projects | Commercial Products | Linux Links | Powered by Linux! ]
[ Linux Users Groups | Linux Usenet Newsgroups | LDP Mirrors ]

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Last Modified: 5 February, 1997 by Greg Hankins

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